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Welcome to our brand, a beacon of excellence in the realm of luxury handbags, totes, crossbody bags, purses, clutches, backpacks, and occasion bags. Our commitment to delivering the epitome of style and sophistication is matched only by our dedication to using the finest materials and showcasing exceptional craftsmanship.

Through exquisite designs and use of the finest leathers and materials exclusively from Italy. Our brand's signature clean lines, vivid colors, delicate designs, and exceptional quality materials crafted by highly skilled artisans.

Studio and Atelier Department

Located in the heart of Milano, Claudio Civitico's studio and atelier department conceive each graceful design with the distinctive features of the pure "Made in Italy" honor distinction: timeless elegance married to ancient know-how. A legacy guarded by our craftsman masters, some in which have worked in the industry for decades.The 100% "Made in Italy" certification is not just a choice of quality and status symbol for our products; but also, an essential statement for Claudio Civitico as a manufacturer.


Dedicated to its "Made in Italy" heritage, Claudio Civitico has succeeded in becoming a fashion ambassador of the purely Italian excellence by offering designs oriented towards the functionality of the products and the sophistication of the look.


You can now customize any handbags to your own personal style!

1. Choose any handbag

2. Give us you personalization

3. Receive your product!

Calligraphy Collection is known for its exclusivity. Every design under Calligraphy Collection is a one-of-one emblematic piece of art. Our Atelier and art department combines creativity and craftmanship. Every design is hand-stitched and hand-painted to perfection, making each design a one of its kind.

(Pricing varies depending on handbag, designs and colors. Please contact:sales@claudiocivitico.comto obtain a quote and guidance with personalization)

A One-Of-One like no other