Social Responsibility



We dream in leaving our stamp in the world. Not only with the quality of our products that we proudly handcraft but also by being conscious and responsible with the world around us. 

One of the cores of our business is to be socially responsible. We act and operate in a manner that benefits society and the environment by adopting policies that their impact is lessening to them. 

Since our very beginnings our company have applied solutions that are environmentally friendly and carries and economic responsibility. From upstream partners like tanneries, hide suppliers, transport, and raw materials. 



Our tanneries have a "Leather Certified Tanners (LWG)" that respect the principles of sustainable development.


Our leathers are derived from by-products of the food industry. These leathers are outsourced by company that have the same philosophies as we do and have rigorous methods of ensuring them. 


We prioritize the use of maritime and ground transport (railroads and/or trucks) that are environmentally responsible and efficient. The use of air transport is used only if necessary. 

This has a lower impact on emissions and help local businesses thrive. 


Integrations and applications that have helped leaving a low energy footprint along with reduction of waste and water consumption are one of the few examples of integrations and innovation. 

Protection of the environment is very important to us and we take pride in our manufacturing plant, suppliers and partners who; in fact, function under environmentally friendly solutions and animal welfare. 


Our raw materials are outsourced from companies that are socially and environmentally responsible in pollutants and waste. Mainly, these are recycle materials, FSC-certified paper, and cardboard without compromising their qualities of use. 

These wastes and/or recycle materials may be recovered, mainly through reuse, repair, and recycling.