Maintenance and Repairs


We take pride in the quality of materials and craftmanship of our products. Having the proper maintenance will definitely improve your product(s) life-spam.  

Please reach out to us for any repairs of your product(s).
We only select the best Italian leathers to meet our highest quality standards; nevertheless, they may carry natural imperfections such as veins or wrinkles. These carefully selected leathers can be compromised if products is used, worn, cleaned, or store improperly. 
  • To preserve the shape of your handbag, avoid overfilling this will help maintain its original silhouette. 
  • Avoid getting your handbag wet. When in contact with water, the natural oils in the skin bind to the water molecules, so as the water dries and evaporates, it starts drawing the oils out. This shedding of the natural oils might case the leather to lose its supple quality and become stiff and brittle. 
  • Avoid products such as oils, make up, perfumes, creams, or sanitizers on your handbag(s). 
  • Avoid contact with sharp surfaces.
  • We recommend cleaning your handbag with a soft, damp cloth with warm water.
  • For surfaces stains, clean with a soft, damp cloth with warm water or steam cleaner. DO NOT use any commercial cleaners. 
  • If wet, dry naturally as soon as possible. DO NOT use artificial heat such as, hairdryers or drying machines.
  • We highly recommend using a specialized leather conditioner ever three (03) months. 
  • DO NOT machine wash and/or iron. 
  • When product is not in use, we suggest storing it in its original pouch (provided at purchase) to prevent scratches, keep dust away and avoid color fading. 
  • Store your handbag away from direct sunlight in a ventilated area.